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Connecting fleets to the Cloud for safer, cleaner, more cost-effective operations

Fleet operators must endeavor to accomplish the most reduced conceivable aggregate expense of proprietorship (TCO) for their armadas while following progressively stringent natural and wellbeing directions. Fuel utilization, course the board, driver execution and vehicle support all have an impact in this objective.

Luckily, the Internet of Things (IoT) additionally has an influence, by associating applications to convey the information and administrations that make armada tasks more secure, greener, and more savvy.

Fleet Management

The latest fleet management solutions take advantage of the IoT to provide fleet operators with a wide range of benefits over the lifetime of a fleet, including:

  • Compliance with environmental and safety regulations
  • Optimized maintenance and logistics
  • Monitor driver performance and vehicle status for better safety and fuel consumption
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance to improve vehicle valuation

For fleet operators wanting to achieve the best possible ROI from IoT-enabled solutions, the key is to equip vehicles with wireless technologies designed to support long lifecycles. Primary considerations include: robust connectivity, scalability, and the flexibility to support new revenue models.

Select telematics devices designed to perform reliably as vehicles cross boundaries from rural to urban, between network providers, and as networks evolve from 2G and 3G to 4G/LTE. Deploy SIMs and modules that will remain compatible to avoid the cost of upgrading devices in the field.

For OEMs, telematics service providers and IT departments, the key is to develop connected fleet management solutions using technologies that are scalable, easy to deploy, and compatible with existing and evolving standards.

Solution providers can further reduce TCO by using integrated device-to-cloud IoT platforms that simplify development, allow software updates across multiple device types, and support applications integration with a diverse range of solutions and service providers. Cloud-based services bundled with connectivity services offer additional flexibility to let fleet operators support the flexible business models they need today and position for the future.

Solution features

Real-time fleet visibility

  • Optimal real-time routing
  • Engine data via on-board sensors
  • Speed/idling real-time feedback

Monitor the entire fleet

  • Geo-fencing and tracking
  • Real-time cargo monitoring
  • Monitor the vehicle’s idling time

More accurate ETA predictions

  • Streamlined routes
  • Detailed location data
  • Breakdown notifications

Monitor driver activity

  • Identify where the drivers are at all times
  • Roadside/emergency assistance for drivers
  • Monitoring of misuse such as hard braking, etc.